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Architectural surveying and BIM

Building Information Model (BIM) delivers benefits throughout the building project lifecycle. Make better design decisions, build more efficiently, and manage and maintain building portfolios more effectively. It is the most accurate and fastest way to deliver as-built models for refurbishment, renovation project or retrofit. At Mena3D we have state of the art solutions for delivering the most accurate BIM for any project. We use equipment with highest accuracy to scan the projects internally and externally to generate best quality point clouds. Later our highly competent team prepares BIM in Revit with pre-agreed details.

Architectural 1.png

Our typical projects:

  • Refurbishment/renovation project

  • building extension

  • Onsite monitoring

  • Model verification

  • Base model for interior design

  • MEP planning

  • Working drawings

Our Services include

  • 2D floor plans, elevation and sections from scanned data

  • 3D BIM Models from 3D point cloud

  • Redesigning for retrofitting the existing building

  • Surface reconstruction from point cloud data

  • Point cloud to BIM solutions and 3D model development

  • Creating information rich BIM-ready 3D models for architectural, structural and MEP requirements from point cloud data

  • Virtual Reality

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