exaCT U brochure


  • Space-saving desktop CT through compact integration of the complete electronics and control system

  • High power of  130 kV with maintenance-free radiation source

  • Flexible system  with compact design and sophisticated ergonomics

  • Fast set-up of workpieces thanks to integrated video cameras and special software features

  • Easy operability and high performance of the application software

exaCT S brochure

The new exaCT® M CT-Workstation is based on an innovative concept with an exceptional system ability. This is not only partially superior, but point by point to comparable devices


  • Compact system through the integration of computing power and control cabinet

  • High output of 225 kV with a small space requirement

  • Sophisticated operating concept and automatable measurements for inline applications

  • Minimization of environmental influences through integrated vibration damping

  • Easy operability and high performance of the application software

  • Low-maintenance due to special stability of the X-ray source

exaCT M brochure

CT Workstation


Desktop CT


Powerful Universal System



  • Configurable system, to address individual user requirements and automation

  • High power of 300 kV sets new standards for reconstruction speed

  • Large measuring volume of 700 mm in height and 330 mm in diameter

  • High resolution (4000 x 4000 pixels) for measuring components with tight tolerances and complex structures

  • Five independent travel axes for high speeds and short measuring and testing times

The exaCT® U is used for the measurement and testing of components where 3D data of complex internal and external structures are required.

The exaCT® S is a modular system concept with exceptional system stability and can be perfectly integrated into existing measurement rooms.

NIKON XT V Systems

The XT V series includes the patented Nikon Xi Nanotech X-ray source paired with industry leading flat panel detectors to produce best-in-class image quality, along with seamless transition between radiography, 3D tomography and 3D laminography in one system.


  • Superior Inspection System

  • Maximum productivity in minimum inspection time

  • Advanced intuitive software

Nikon XTH225.png

NIKON 225kV and 320kV Systems

The versatile XT H 225 series is controlled by industry-leading Inspect-X software, a 6th generation, advanced GUI providing intuitive workflows tailored to all users. Coupled with world-leading reconstruction times and cutting-edge visualization and analysis software, the XT H series offers the complete package for X-ray and CT inspection.


  • X-ray source for every application

  • Versatile X-ray CT solution

  • Unique rotating target

  • Automation and integration

NIKON Series Inspection CT

The integration of industry-leading features into the XT H 225 ST 2x microfocus X-ray CT system allows a doubling of data acquisition speed and hence of inspection productivity. It is a result of using advanced detector technology combined with new functionality including Half.Turn CT and Rotating.Target 2.0.


  • Half.Turn CT, faster CT acquisition

  • Unique rotating target

  • Auto.Filament Control and Quick.Change

  • Local.Calibration, high accuracy CT measurements

  • X-ray source for every application

  • Automation and integration

NIKON 450kV Inspection

The XT H 450 system offers the world's only high-energy 450kV microfocus X-ray source, delivering 25-micron repeatability and accuracy. The system generates stunning 2D and 3D images with unrivalled signal-to-noise ratio, with flexibility to integrate multiple detectors. XT H 450 is perfect for high throughput, high accuracy and a range of applications.


  • 450kV microfocus X-ray source

  • High brilliance 450kV rotating targets

  • Unique detector technology