API Laser Trackers & Accessories

The Galaxy D is a high-performance, direct computer-controlled temperature-compensated horizontal arm coordinate measuring machine (CMM) built to inspect the accuracy of large objects and scan the surfaces of large contoured parts.

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The Galaxy H Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is a manually controlled horizontal arm measuring and layout machine built to perform common shop measurements and marking-out applications.

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API GALAXY H ™ Computer Controlled CMM

API GALAXY D ™ Computer Controlled CMM

The Galaxy Q is a high-performance, direct computer controlled, multi-function coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The Galaxy Q is built to inspect large objects and scan surfaces of large contoured parts as well as the milling of light materials.

API GALAXY Q ™ Computer Controlled CMM


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API Radian Plus

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API Radian Core

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API Radian PRO

PLUS provides extended CORE tracker functionality with hand-held tactile & laser scanning probes and offers 6DOF tracking.

PRO IFM/ADM tracker with unrivaled accuracy and comprehensive functionality including automated 6DOF tracking

CORE offers economical SMR tracker functionality with benchmark accuracy in 50m and 80m ADM models.

API Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR)

API break resistant spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are constructed with a one-piece optic eliminating risks associated with glass panels shifting, separating or fracturing and can track over 80m with optical centering accuracy down to ±2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement.

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API Handheld Probing

The API vProbe™, a hand-held, lightweight, wireless tactile probe with easy-hold grip which allows the laser tracker to perform extended coordinate measurement functions by measuring intricate features or part characteristics outside the line of site of the trackerset-up, providing fast and accurate measurements. The vProbe offers more versatility than a portable arm CMM and inherently more suitable for larger parts.

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API Handheld Scanning

Integrated with an API 6DoF laser tracker, the innovative API iScan™ wireless hand-held laser line scanner offers a fast, accurate and more productive solution to generate component point-clouds. Digitizing rates of up to 32,000 points/second and capable of scanning both reflective and dark surfaces, iScan features 360° yaw and roll to achieve infinite sensor positioning. 

API Active Target

Active Target™ is a battery-powered self-orientating motorized 360° rotation SMR that locks onto the laser tracker and automatically orientates to the laser beam allowing for automated tracking and measurements of machine tools, industrial robots, or automation where a standard SMR cannot perform.

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API Smart Track

The SmartTrack™ Sensor (STS) is a major breakthrough for measurement and alignment applications. The STS combined with an API laser tracker enables users to determine the position (x, y, z) and angular orientation (i, j, k) of robotic movement in real_time.

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API Machine Calibration Tools

API's machine tool measurement and laser alignment systems will inspect, analyze, and improve the performance of machine tools.


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API Checkbox

The standard API SFIS CheckBox™ is an optical 3D measuring solution developed for the inspection of parts and installation integral with manufacturing operations. Modular in design, and scalable in size, CheckBox utilizes a 6 axis industrial robot with real-time encoded robot position using the benchmark API 6DoF RADIAN Pro laser tracker.

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API RapidScan 2

Capable of measuring highly refl ective and composite surfaces RapidScan2 completely eliminates the need for impractical production part spraying. API’s Rapid- Scan2 has a new dual 3.2 mega-pixels camera and a 12 bits image sensor. In addition, the RapidScan2 features innovative hybrid projection and new and enhanced image processing algorithms. 

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