HELICÉO Superbathy

The SuperBathy is an automatic bathymetric drone with a dual technology of aerial or aquatic propulsion. Thanks to a doubled autonomy compared to its predecessor, this drone can be used during 10 hours of mission. Its completely new waterproof design allows it to be compatible with a LiDAR system for scanning banks and bridges. In addition to underwater topography, the SuperBathy opens you to the world of water analysis and underwater imaging. 

Superbathy brochure

HELICÉO Hyperbathy30

The hydrographic drone HyperBathy30 is designed for maximum efficiency in river flow measurement. Lightweight and resistant, it can be used very easily in various mission conditions: lagoon, harbour, river or still water. It is compatible with a wide variety of ADCP sensors or echosounders.

Hyperbathy brochure

HELICÉO Megabathy50

The USV marine drone MegaBathy50 is designed for bathymetry, water flow measurement, but also water quality monitoring. It is compatible with a wide variety of ADCP sensors or echosounders.

Megabathy brochure

HELICÉO Gigabathy200

The GigaBathy200 is a surface marine drone designed for bathymetry and marine monitoring. Compatible with a wide variety of sensors, including multibeam, it can intervene in many applications: hydrographic surveys, coastal monitoring, harbour monitoring, oceanographic surveys, or accident rescue assistance.

Gigabathy brochure

RIEGL Bathycopter

RIEGL's BathyCopter is a UAV-based surveying system for hydrographic applications ideally suited for generating profiles of inland water bodies.

The roboust and reliable platform design of RIEGL's remotely piloted RiCOPTER now integrates the RIEGL BDF-1, a compact and lightweight bathymetric depth finder comprising of tilt compensator, an IMU/GNSS unit with antenna, a control unit and up to two external digital cameras. 

Bathycopter brochure

BDF-1 brochure


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