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Nikon Video Measuring Systems

Nikon Optical Measuring Systems

Nikon Industrial Microscopes

Nikon iNEXIV VMA-4540.jpg

Nikon iNEXIV

The iNEXIV is a multi-sensor video measuring systems for tactile, video, and laser based inspection. Available in 3 volume sizes, the iNEXIV is suited for automated measurements of mechanical and electronic devices



With a maximum measurement range of 450 x 400 mm, the large XYZ stroke supports measurements of large mechanical parts


The iNEXIV VMA series CNC video measuring system offers the ultimate in usability for automatic measuring of various 3D components.

Nikon NEXIV VMZ-S 3020.jpg


The NEVIX high-performance video measuring systems range from small to ultra-wide working volumes. Excellent edge protection and a variety  of optical head and illumination options make the NEXIV systems suitable for every application.

  • VMZ-S3020

  • VMZ-R3020

  • VMZ-H3030

  • VMZ-K3040

  • VMZ-R4540

  • VMZ-R6555

  • VMZ-K6555

Nikon Automeasure.jpg


Automeasure software is a complete package that includes interactive measurement and teaching wizards, CAD interface functionality, shape analysis capability and data management tools..

  • CMM-Manager for iNEXIV

  • E-Max Software

  • Automeasure

  • AutomeasureEyes for iNEXIV

Video Measuring Systms

High-speed, high accuracy benchtop digital metrology and imaging system

Optical Measuring Systems
Nikon V-12B.png

Nikon Optical Comparators

Profile projector or optical comparator technology is designed to display accurate magnification of workpiece for comparison and precision measurements.


12" vertical optical comparator with movable heads to allow for larger stage sizes


Large capacity vertical projector with a 20" diameter screen 

Nikon Autocollimator 6B-LED.png

Nikon Autocollimators

Nikon's autocollimators provide exceptional accuracy and reliability required checking parallelism of end surfaces, flatness of surface plates, and straightness of movement.

• 6D Autocollimator

Popular darkfield model projects a clear bright-line cross for easy alignment and measurement

• 6B Autocollimator

Brightfield model makes precision measurements simultaneously on two axes by illuminating the surface

Autocollimator brochure

Nikon Digital Height Gages.png

Nikon Digital Height Gauges

Nikon photoelectric digital length meters are easy-to-use, compact in size and offer impressive minimum measurable values.


Compact digital micrometer with 2 inch travel and 0.01 micron resolution digital encode head.


Compact digital micrometer with 4 inch travel and 0.01 micron resolution digital encode head.

Indusrial Microscope
Nikon Eclipse LV100ND.jpg

Nikon Upright Microscopes

Legendary Nikon optics in each Nikon upright microscope provide superb images over the entire magnification range for fast, smooth obesrvations 

  • Eclipse LV100ND

  • Eclipse LV100NDA

  • Eclipse LV150N

  • Eclipse LV150NA

  • Eclipse LV150NL

  • Eclipse L200N Series

  • Eclipse L300N Series

  • Eclipse LV100N POL

  • Eclipse Ci-POL

  • Eclipse E200POL

  • Eclipse LV-DAF

  • NWL200

  • Microscope components

Nikon Eclipse brochure

Nikon SMZ25 SMZ18.jpg

Nikon Stereo Microscopes

Nikon zoom stereomicroscopes offer users the most extended zoom range available, along with modularity, comfort and ultra-high performance optics.

  • SMZ25/18

  • SMZ1270

  • SMZ1270i

  • SMZ745/T

  • SMZ445/460

  • SMZ800N

Nikon MM400-800.png

Nikon Measuring Microscopes

High precision measuring microscopes featuring the latest in digital imaging and industrial metrology technologies.  


Compact and affordable measuring microscope system featuring exceptional quality, accuracy, and durability.

High precision measuring microscopes featuring the latest in digital imaging technology.


Nikon Eclipse MA200.png

Nikon Inverted Microscopes

  • Eclipse MA100N

  • Eclipse MA200

Nikon Microscope Camera

Nikon MIcroscope Camera

Nikon's powerful and versatile microscope camera controllers allow to comfortably observe and record images

  • DS-Fi3

  • DS-Ri2

  • DS-Qi2

  • DS-L4

  • Digital Sight 1000

Nikon Software

Nikon Microscope Software

Nikon Metrology provides microscope software to support our products including intuitive tools for image capture, analysis, archiving, and image sharing.

Nikon inverted microscopes are designed for metallurgical research and analysis; Renowned for optical quality, ease of use and mechanical precision, these microscopes produce brighter, high contrast images.

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