API Laser Trackers

Probes and Accessories

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API Radian PRO

PRO IFM/ADM tracker with unrivaled accuracy and comprehensive functionality including automated 6DOF tracking

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API Radian Plus

PLUS provides extended CORE tracker functionality with hand-held tactile & laser scanning probes and offers 6DOF tracking.

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API Radian Core

CORE offers economical SMR tracker functionality with benchmark accuracy in 50m and 80m ADM models.

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API Spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR)

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API Handheld Probing

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API Handheld Scanning


API break resistant spherically Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR) are constructed with a one-piece optic eliminating risks associated with glass panels shifting, separating or fracturing and can track over 80m with optical centering accuracy down to ±2.5 microns offering high accuracy line of sight measurement.

The API vProbe™, a hand-held, lightweight, wireless tactile probe with easy-hold grip which allows the laser tracker to perform extended coordinate measurement functions by measuring intricate features or part characteristics outside the line of site of the trackerset-up, providing fast and accurate measurements. The vProbe offers more versatility than a portable arm CMM and inherently more suitable for larger parts.

Integrated with an API 6DoF laser tracker, the innovative API iScan™ wireless hand-held laser line scanner offers a fast, accurate and more productive solution to generate component point-clouds. Digitizing rates of up to 32,000 points/second and capable of scanning both reflective and dark surfaces, iScan features 360° yaw and roll to achieve infinite sensor positioning.