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API Active Target

Active Target brochure

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API Smart Track

Smart Track brochure

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Wireless Ballbar

Machine Calibration Tools brochure

Active Target™ is a battery-powered self-orientating motorized 360° rotation SMR that locks onto the laser tracker and automatically orientates to the laser beam allowing for automated tracking and measurements of machine tools, industrial robots, or automation where a standard SMR cannot perform.

The SmartTrack™ Sensor (STS) is a major breakthrough for measurement and alignment applications. The STS combined with an API laser tracker enables users to determine the position (x, y, z) and angular orientation (i, j, k) of robotic movement in real_time.

CNC Machine Tool Ballbar checks provide positioning performance and diagnosis of geometrical errors


API’s wireless Ballbar easily measures CNC machine performance to predict and diagnose servo errors and path deviations. The Ballbar is a simple, cost-effective solution that is designed to improve overall machining quality and reduce costs to all end users.


Measurements include:

Backlash, Squareness, Stick-Slip, Servo Lag, Scale, Mismatch, Machine & Servo Vibration

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Spindle Analyzer

API Swivel Check.jpg

Swivel Check

API XD Laser.jpg

XD Laser

XD Laser simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid error assessment.

The award-winning XD Laser is a multidimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures all 6 degrees of freedom including linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment.


Measurements Include:

Rotational accuracy, Geometric error, Angular error, Flatness, Squareness, Parallelism

Spindle Analyzer diagnosis machine tools spindle axis performance by quickly measuring and rotational errors.

Spindle Analyzer diagnoses machine tool spindle error and is available in three models. The Dynamic model rapidly measures rotational error motion. Thermal model measures spindle stability of the machine in 5 degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z axis + pitch and yaw) along with thermal variance. A combination model is also available.


Measurements include:

Speed Verification, Check Bearings, Rotational Errors, Radial & Axial Errors, Machine Repeatability, Machine Vibrations Thermal Drift, Thermal Error Mapping

The Swivelcheck™ utilizes a servo-driven motor in conjunction with an electronic level and a precision rotary encoder. Once set up, the system is capable of running in automated or manual modes.

Swivelcheck is the only tool that can be mounted off rotating axis center to measure swivel axes and trunnions without disassembling critical machine components

Machine Calibration Tools brochure

Machine Calibration Tools brochure

Machine Calibration Tools brochure

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