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PointMaster brochure

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Quartis brochure


WENZEL PointMaster

WENZEL Metrosoft Quartis

With roots as a machining facility engaged in manufacturing aerospace wind tunnel models, Verisurf was the first company to develop PC-based software that could compare physical part measurements to the surface of a CAD model.

PointMaster is the successful and reliable software from WENZEL with the modules Reverse Engineering, Verification, CAM Milling and Computed Tomography. It handles point cloud, geometric entities and design data with great efficiency and is the environment into which all Wenzel's non-contact products interface.

Metrosoft QUARTIS is the established measuring software from WENZEL Metromec. It is the first measuring software using the trend-setting Microsoft® Office Fluent™ user interface.

Volume Graphics VGstudio Max.jpg

VG Studio MAX

From design to serial production, VGSTUDIO MAX enables you to keep the quality high by getting full insight into your products. At every step of the production process. All over the world.

VGStudio MAX brochure


VG Inline 3.0

VG InLine 3.0 is the next step in automated non-destructive testing (NDT) with industrial computed tomography (CT). It's simple to set up. It works with almost every CT system on the market − right out of the box.

VGInline brochure

volume graphics vg metrology.jpg

VG Metrology

Measure on voxel data, point clouds, meshes and CAD data with VGMetrology 3.0, Volume Graphics' universal metrology solution. Our easy-to-use stand-alone application turns your CT scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.

VGMetrology brochure


Volume Graphics myVGL 3.0

myVGL 3.0 is the free viewer app for projects created with Volume Graphics software. With myVGL 3.0, you can view 3D objects (in voxel, point cloud, mesh, and CAD format), the analyses and measurements performed on these objects, and the results.


API Robotic Measurement Software

The API Robot Measurement Solution (RMS) provides the complete toolkit necessary to verify robot accuracy to the ISO 9283 standard, allowing on-site, in-situ, robot performance verification and enhanced robot calibration to be performed.

RMS brochure

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