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NIKON Laser Radar
MV430 / MV450 / MV430E / MV450E

APDIS is the new generation of the Nikon Laser Radar. It introduces a new design with new benefits, whilst maintaining the inherent features that make the Laser Radar a truly unique metrology system.


The MV430 and MV450 measurement systems are used for fast, automated and non-contact inspection of objects ranging from smaller components such as a car door to complete large assemblies such as commercial aircraft. It achieves this through a unique application of a non-contact, accurate laser-based measurement technology overcoming the limitations of traditional monolithic or portable metrology systems.

Nikon Laser Radar brochure

API Checkbox.png

API Checkbox

The standard API SFIS CheckBox™ is an optical 3D measuring solution developed for the inspection of parts and installation integral with manufacturing operations. Modular in design, and scalable in size, CheckBox utilizes a 6 axis industrial robot with real-time encoded robot position using the benchmark API 6DoF RADIAN Pro laser tracker.

Checkbox brochure

API RapidScan 2.png

API RapidScan 2

Capable of measuring highly refl ective and composite surfaces RapidScan2 completely eliminates the need for impractical production part spraying. API’s Rapid- Scan2 has a new dual 3.2 mega-pixels camera and a 12 bits image sensor. In addition, the RapidScan2 features innovative hybrid projection and new and enhanced image processing algorithms. 

RapidScan 2 brochure

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