Kreon Ace 6 Axes


► Perfect for applications requiring highly accurate probing

► At identical sizes, greater accuracy with 6 axes as compared to 7

► The very fine tip of the arm ensures easy probing of cavities

► Compatible with Kreon 3D scanners (Zephyr and Solano ranges)

Ace 6 Axes brochure

Kreon Ace 7 Axes


► An additional axis and a joint enhance ergonomics when scanning

► Integration of the Skyline 3D scanners range

► Easy switchover from scanning to probing

► Scanning precision up to 45 µm

► Both scanning and probing within the same measuring range

Ace 7 Axes brochure

Kreon Baces 7 Axes

The Baces measuring arm has an internal calibration ensured by an aluminium and carbon fiber mechanical structure, making it extremely lightweight and stable.

Baces arm is an entry level solution used for most of measuring application. It has a good quality for its value. Its lightness allows to probe longer and without effort.

Baces 7 brochure

KREON AirTrack Handheld

The first integrated contact and non-contact measurement tracking solution. AirTrack Handheld is suitable for Kreon Zephyr and Solano range of products. In combination with a hard probe for manual measurement and a Renishaw trigger probe (TP 2/20/200), it becomes a unique solution for geometric and freeform inspection applications.

AirTrack Handheld brochure


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