Changes in climate promote solar, wind and other renewable energy sources and increase efficiencies of more traditional gas turbine power plants.
Wind turbines
There is a tendency toward ever-more ambitious targets for energy that is clean and inexhaustible. Using technology for large volume measurement, Laser Radar supports manufacturers of wind turbine blades in producing the blade shape for optimum energy conversion. Automated inspection, superior accuracy and powerful data processing capabilities are among Laser Radar's strengths that make the difference.
Solar panels
Oil prices and climate concerns brighten the solar energy outlook. Laser Radar verifies the geometric integrity of parabolic solar mirrors to maximize power generation output and profit. Critical in this regard is the capability to trace incorrect bending and misalignments. Laser Radar is fit for these kind of large-scale inspection tasks because it offers accurate measurement and automatic single-user operation.
Gas turbine blades
The quality of turbine blades in stationary gas turbine power plants is critical. 3D laser scanning and Focus point cloud processing accurately digitize the airfoil surfaces of the blades made of advanced metal alloy castings as well as their fine alignment notches. Detailed inspection avoids inaccuracies in blade geometry and positioning, which otherwise cause energy conversion efficiency loss and untimely blade failure.