ScanTech Handheld 3D Scanners
ScanTech product lines include metrology-grade composite 3D scanner, industrial-grade global 3D scanner, handheld 3D scanner, tracking 3D scanner, color 3D scanner, automated 3D system, photogrammetry system device and other 3D inspection tools. To streamline 3D inspection workflows, ScanTech entry-level but professional handheld 3D scanners are easy to use with simple operation skills. These portable 3D scanners can be conveniently used in a different work environment, realizing a flexible 3D scanning experience. Due to hyperfine scanning mode, the cost-effective handheld 3D scanner also realizes accurate 3D data collection and has high adaptability in the object’s materials and features.
Nikon XT H 450
Unique 450 kV microfocus X-ray solution for high-resolution inspection of large and dense components like parts produced by metal additive manufacturing, turbine blades and large castings.