Other Applications
Other Applications
Check out some of other applications we have.
Power Piping Process
Laser scanning application for Power Piping Process it must, since there is no way to do as built for refinery without laser scanning technology. The software for data processing highly developed in the last year which can do the modeling job almost automatically.
Laser scan for forensic application is quit new. But the speed and the accuracy of the laser scan and high resolution panoramic camera bring the Forensic analysis to higher level. Our team done several training and supported for example Dubai and Abu Dhabi police by training their staff how to use the laser scan for crime scene reconstruction. They did teach them how to extract bullet trajectory, blood spatter and food print.
General Industry
Our Wide range of products in metrology sector can offer almost all application which require 2D/3D measurement, Plastic industry, metal, molding, steel and many others part of daily job is quality control. Reverse engineering, inspection, alignment and GD&T is part of each factory. We offer tools for each application please visit our products portfolio