Terrestrial 3D Laserscanning
The Z+F IMAGER® 5010C sets new standards for laserscanning! The integrated camera allows combining brilliant colours with high-resolution scan data. HDR-technology guarantees perfect illumination in all parts of the scene. The advantages of the new camera are combined with the outstanding features of the IMAGER® 5010.
Z+F IMAGER® 5016
The new Z+F IMAGER® 5016 combines compact and lightweight design with state-of-the-art laser scanning technology - allowing the user to reach new levels. The new phase-based laser scanner is equipped with an integrated HDR camera, internal lighting and positioning system - already proven from its predecessors, the Z+F IMAGER® 5010C and the Z+F IMAGER® 5010X.
Potentially explosive environments provide unique challenges to surveying. In a cooperation between Z + F and the DMT GmbH & Co. KG, the IMAGER® 5006EX was developed - the only explosion-proof laser scanner in the world - keeping those special scanning requirements in mind.
The RIEGL VZ-400i is a 3D Laser Scanning System which combines an innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity, and a suite of MEMS sensors with RIEGL's latest Laser Scanning Engine technology. This real-time data flow is enabled through dual processing platforms
RIEGL‘s latest generation of professional Terrestrial Laser Scanner stands for extreme versatility, high productivity, future mobility and ultimate performance – exceeding your expectations, providing excellent return on investment.
RIEGL VZ-2000i
Based on a future-oriented, innovative new processing architecture, internet connectivity, and RIEGL's latest waveform processing LiDAR technology, the NEW RIEGL VZ-2000i long range 3D laser scanning system combines proven user friendliness in the field with fast and highly accurate data acquisition.
This 3D VZ-Line Laser Scanner offers superior and unrivalled long range measurement performance of up to 4000 m reflectorlessly while still maintaining completely eye safe operation (Laser Class 1). RIEGL's unique V-Line technology is based on echo digitization and online waveform processing and is the key to enabling such extreme long range measurements.
The new high speed, high resolution terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner VZ-6000 offers an extremely long measurement range of more than 6000 m for topographic (static) applications. Being the Laser Class 3B companion to the VZ-4000, it is, due to its laser wavelength, exceptionally well suited for measuring snowy and icy terrain in glacier mapping and monitoring applications in mountainous regions.
The RIEGL VMR is an extremely compact and robust robotic solution for railroad surveying applications.
The sensor part of the system, a RIEGL VZ-400i laser scanner, provides high-resolution scan data. In Stop & Go mode, it performs up to 50 scans per hour. These single scanning positions are registered onboard, with high precision and fully automatically. Optionally, high-resolution calibrated photos are taken in parallel. The georeferenced pint clouds are then prepared for exportation to dedicated third-party rail processing software packages.
Z+F flexscan
The Z+F FlexScan®: A versatile mobile mapping platform that combines high-precision static scans with efficiency for projects in AEC, facility management, and more. Easily adaptable, with a panoramic camera for added detail, it optimizes project costs and enhances competitiveness.

The camera systems Z+F MapCam® S and C have high-resolution sensors, a very wide field of view and cover the entire measuring area.

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The camera systems Z+F MapCam® S and C have high-resolution sensors, a very wide field of view and cover the entire measuring area.

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The SmartLight is an external solution for the i-Cam of the Z+F IMAGER® 5010C and 5010X which enables you to record colors even in dark conditions.

This accessory expands the fields of applications for Z+F laser scanners even further, allowing you to provide a greater variety of scanning services.

The SmartLight follows the vertical movement of the camera to minimize battery consumption. It is easy to mount and automatically controlled by the scanner.

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Z+F T-Cam

Introducing the Z+F T-Cam: an external infrared camera generating 360° thermal panoramas mapped onto point clouds. It's versatile and valuable in insurance, facility management, industry, and forensics. Easy to mount and connects via USB to the scanner.

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Z+F M-Cam

Meet the Z+F M-Cam: an industrial color camera with five-megapixel resolution for coloring point clouds (360° x 320°). It easily mounts onto the scanner, connects via USB and LEMO cables, and is scanner-controlled, automatically matching and saving pictures to the scan with calibration included.

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Scanfly EVO

Scanfly EVO: Ultimate reality capture solution. Features top components for precision. Multi-constellation RTK GNSS receiver, SmartProcessing Lidar. User-friendly design, versatile data capture. Equipped with ground control points, SLAM. CE Marking, IP55 rating for durability.

Scanfly PRO

Scanfly PRO: Equipped with top components like Hesai XT32M2X and Applanix AP+ 20 INS for precision. Features dual GNSS Receiver and SmartProcessing Lidar for exceptional performance. Easy-to-carry case, tool-less mounting, and cable-free design ensure convenience. Multi-sensor interface includes 24-62 MP Sony cameras and 60.5 MP 360° panoramic camera for versatile data capture. Ground control points, strip alignment tool, and SLAM enabled for usability. CE Marking and IP55 certification ensure durability.