Industrial Microscopy & Video Measuring System
Nikon iNEXIV
The iNEXIV is a multi-sensor video measuring systems for tactile, video, and laser based inspection. Available in 3 volume sizes, the iNEXIV is suited for automated measurements of mechanical and electronic devices
Nikon NEXIV VMZ-H Series
The NEVIX high-performance video measuring systems range from small to ultra-wide working volumes. Excellent edge protection and a variety of optical head and illumination options make the NEXIV systems suitable for every application.
Nikon Nexiv VMZ-K Series
This measuring system incorporates confocal technology, brightfield imaging with a 15X zoom and laser auto focus. No matter what geometrical measurements are needed, whether 2D or 3D, inspection and evaluation is exceptionally fast and accurate.
Nikon Eclipse LV-N
Legendary Nikon optics in each Nikon upright microscope provide superb images over the entire magnification range for fast, smooth obesrvations
Nikon Stereo Microscopes
Nikon zoom stereomicroscopes offer users the most extended zoom range available, along with modularity, comfort and ultra-high performance optics.
Nikon Eclipse MA200 MA100 N
Nikon inverted microscopes are designed for metallurgical research and analysis; Renowned for optical quality, ease of use and mechanical precision, these microscopes produce brighter, high contrast images.
Nikon Digital Sight Series

Choose the ideal microscope camera to suit every application, including the Digital Sight 10, which

makes possible to switch bettween color and monochrome image capture at very high definition of

23.9 mega- pixels or 6K resolution, Digital Sight 1000, which directly displays microscope images on a

full HD display without a PC, and the Digital Sight 50M, a monochrome high-sensitivity model suited

to fluorescence photography

Nikon Eclipse L300 N L200 N

Nikon's ECLIPSE L300ND, L300N and L200ND, L200NA is a range of semiconductor microscopes ideal for inspection of integrated circuits (IC), flat panel displays (FPD), large scale integration (LSI) electronic devices and many more applications.

Nikon Eclipse Lv100N Pol

The highest level of optical quality, operability, and stability for polarized light microscopy.

The newly developed high-intensity 50W halogen light source is brighter than a conventional 100W halogen lamp. Low power consumption means less heat generation, thereby reducing the chance of heat-induced focus drift.

Nikon MM Series
A set of precision and accurate manual measuring microscopes designed for all industrial measurement and image analysis applications, focusing particularly on repeatable data capture- all with an easy user workflow.
Nikon Nexiv VMZ-S Series

The VMZ-S series provides three types of measuring envelope together with a range of high quality optics, complete with a TTL (through the lens) scanning laser as standard. Capable of high-accuracy, high-speed measurement for fulfilling increasingly demanding inspection applications, the VMZ-S series is used in a wide range of industries.