GNSS Radios

ntroducing the HPT435BT, an advanced UHF radio transceiver with Bluetooth, USB, and versatile compatibility features. It operates in multiple frequency ranges, offers variable speeds, and supports various protocols, making it adaptable to existing networks.


The HPT404BT JL is a high-speed radio transceiver with user-selectable modulation, offering up to 38.4 kbps data transfer. It's designed for robust, plug-and-play wireless connections, supporting error correction, data scrambling, and low power modes. It can integrate into various networks and be configured through a web interface for worldwide accessibility.

HPT401BT with battery

HPT401BT is the up-to-date unsurpassed 1 W UHF radio transceiver with USB, Bluetooth® capacity and with internal battery. Programmable UHF transceiver 406 to 470 MHz, up to 1 Watts.


JRadio is a tri-band wireless data receiver of licensed narrowband UHF 406-470 MHz, non-licensed narrowband UHF 868-870 MHz and non-licensed Frequency Hopping 902-928 MHz with USB, Bluetooth®.


The AW400BT radio transceiver enables high-speed wireless data transfer with user-selectable modulation techniques for optimal data speed. It includes error correction and advanced features for flexible operation. Firmware updates are easy through RS-232, USB, or Bluetooth.


The AW435BT is a high-speed radio transceiver with user-selectable modulation for reliable performance over an impressive range. It offers features like error correction and wireless link testing. Firmware updates are easily done via RS232, USB, Bluetooth, or over the air.