CMM Laser Scanners
Nikon L100
The Nikon Metrology L100 is the next-generation CMM laser scanner, offering the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease of use. Suitable for surface and feature measurements, even on reflective or multi-material surfaces, the scanner extends the capabilities of a CMM with the ability to digitize parts quickly. High quality data is provided for insightful part-to-CAD comparison and reporting.
Nikon LC15Dx
The LC15Dx captures the smallest of details with highest accuracy providing valuable insights for components ranging from small airfoil blades to intricate sheet metal parts.
The LC15Dx CMM laser scanner provides non-contact measurements at the highest accuracy level
Nikon XC65Dx
The multi-laser XC65Dx scanner captures all 3D surfaces and features in a single scan, multiplying scanning productivity by factors.
Thanks to its patented, triple-laser configuration, the XC65Dx cross scanner captures comprehensive information about complex 3D geometric features and freeform surfaces in a single scan.